10 August Matches!

On Saturday, August 10 the Carson Rifle and Pistol Club hold a series of matches at the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range. The matches will consist of an NRA-approved High Power Rifle match, followed by a Bullseye Pistol match. As part of the Bullseye match, a new event will be added: a “Light Rifle Bullseye” match, which will follow the rimfire and centerfire stages of the Bullseye match. Here are the rules:

  • Type of rifle: Repeating, magazine-fed rifle of either rimfire or pistol caliber, capable of holding a minimum of five rounds. Semi-auto, bolt, pump or lever-action, with either iron sights, magnified or non-magnified optical or electronic sights.
  • Ammunition required: Thirty rounds. 
  • Course of Fire: Three stages; ten rounds slow fire in ten minutes time, ten rounds timed fire (five rounds in twenty seconds, twice) and ten rounds rapid fire (five rounds in ten seconds, twice). All shooting is done at fifty yards from the unsupported standing position. All shooters should have a workable zero prior to the match as no sighter shots are allowed. Targets are standard 50-yard pistol target B-6.

The matches will begin with the High Power Rifle at approx. 8:00 AM. All shooters for any of these events must be a club member and sign a liability waiver and be at the range prior to gate closure at 8:00 AM. Prices for the matches are: 

  • HP Rifle NRA-reportable: $15, with Bullseye $20
  • HP Rifle non-reportable: $10, with Bullseye $15
  • Bullseye only: $10