Monthly Members meeting, November 4th

The Carson Rifle and Pistol Club will hold its monthly meeting on November 4th, at 7PM at the Round Table Pizza, 3325 Retail Drive, Carson City.  At this meeting we will discuss the board activities, termination of the partnership with the city and the status of the range, events through the end of the calendar year and potential for 2020 events, the club’s Award Dinner, and selection of the Election Committee, and solicit nominations for future board members.


Call to order

Quorum determination

Annotation of Officers and Directors

Acceptance of agenda

Approval of past minutes

Approval of Treasurers Report

Old business

– Termination of use agreement with Carson City and status of the range (discussion)

New Business

– Board activities (discussion)

– 2019 shooting events; 2020 schedule

– Request for new Medial Manager

– Awards Dinner (discussion)

 – 2020 Elections – process (discussion)

 – Election Committee (action)

 – Acceptance of initial nominees

 Announcements for the good of the club