July 13, 2019 Match Info

The Carson Rifle and Pistol Club will hold two shooting events on Saturday, July 13th at the Carson Rifle and Pistol Range. The first match will be a NRA High Power Rifle match, followed by a Bullseye Pistol match.

The NRA High Power Rifle match is a 100 yard rifle match. The course of fire is 50 shots in four stages, from standing, sitting/kneeling and prone positions, in slow and rapid fire. This match is intended for the AR15 in its various versions (iron sights or scoped, rifle or carbine), but similar type rifles (AR10 or M1A for example) are acceptable as well. This is an NRA approved match and the scores can be reported to the NRA, which is part of obtaining an NRA classification.

The Bullseye Pistol match is a pair of 25 yard pistol matches, one using a rimfire handgun and one using a center-fire. The course of fire for each match is 30 shots in three stages, using either a 1-hand or 2-hand hold, and in slow fire (10 shots in ten minutes), timed fire (5 shots in twenty seconds, x2) and rapid fire (5 shots in ten seconds, x2).  Suitable for almost any handgun, with either iron sights, red-dot, or scoped.     

Match fees are $15 for the NRA High Power Rifle event, $10 for both Bullseye Pistol matches, or $20 for all three.

Targets and target stands are provided by the Club and are included in the match fees. Participants should bring sunscreen, snacks and water. Bathrooms are available at the range.

The first match will start at 8AM. Range check in will start at 7AM at the gate and all shooters must be on the firing line by 8AM. Each person admitted to the range must complete the city required liability waiver form and be a member of the Carson Rifle and Pistol Club. Club membership is $20 per year and applications will be accepted prior to the match. More information on membership can be found here: Click here for membership information.