May 6 Members Meeting Agenda

Time/Location: 7:00PM, Round Table Pizza on Retail Drive (north Carson City)

This monthly meeting has some heavy lifting for our members; the draft by laws are at 90 percent but need your comments and approval before we can adopt them.  You can read the draft and make comments here. There is dissent between the board on a few issues, and we need to clarify a path ahead for the club. Our new use agreement is signed but…we need to talk about next steps on the range and the status of the range. We also need to talk about club activities. We will show off our new website and talk about next steps. Of real importance, we need a discussion on potential vacancies on the Board. We’re going to try a 50/50 raffle suggested by Mary for a mini fundraiser. As you sign in, you can purchase raffle tickets at $1 each. At the end of the meeting, we’ll draw a winning number from the tickets purchased; half will go to the club and half will go to the lucky winner of the raffle. We will also talk about our options for using the city provided meeting space. Our goal is to get the business done in less than an hour, have some pizza and make some money!

Call to order
Pizza order
Reports:  President and Treasurer
Old Business
– Cooperative use agreement signed
– Draft bylaws for review (discussion; possible action)
– Status of the range (Carver)
– Status of RSO Program possible action for Manager Appointee or committee
– Audit report (possible action to accept)
– D&O Insurance
New Business
– Basic IT shells built; 50% documented. Need Backup Web master, Social media and mailbox monitor. Motion to form a committee/appointments/or…
– Club activates; what’s next? Motion for committee to ….?
– Tendered resignations if any (action to accept)
– Election Committee for June to fill available position (action)
– Meeting space. Motion for membership meeting location
– Terms of Service for member-management software and individual accounts
– Match Results (Secretary)
– Terms of Service for member-management software and individual accounts
– Next match
– Volunteer of the month for April
– 50/50 Raffle