Members Meeting, September 9th at 7:00PM

Members:  The Carson Rifle and Pistol Club Members meeting will; be held on September 9th at 7PM at the Round Table Pizza at 3325 Retail Dr, Carson City, NV 89706

Executive Officer David Hillis will preside.


Call to order
• Annotation of Officers and Directors present
• Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting
• Approval of the Treasurer’s report
• Unfinished (old) business
– Status of the range (discussion)
– Status of the letter to city (discussion):  City provided an amendment; use agreement is still valid though Oct
• New business
– None
• Announcements for the good of the Club (discussion only)
– Match schedule
– Annual election on Dec 2, 7PM at the Carson City Community Center theater.
– new shoots (Hillis)
• Adjournment