Minutes 1-3-19

January 3, 2019- Holiday Dinner and meeting

The meeting was called to order at 6:50 PM by President Randall Brooks.
The main order of business was election of club officers, which was conducted using written ballots. Following ballot counting, the board positions for 2019 are filled as follows:

  • President: Chris Carver
  • Vice President- Stan Mund
  • Treasurer- John Beer
  • Secretary- Mark Possin
  • Executive Officer- David Hills
  • Board Member (1st year)- Bill Stowers
  • Board Member (2nd year)- Ron Bardarson
  • Board Member (3rd year)- Brad Trolson
  • Past President- Randall Brooks

Congratulations go out to all those who ran/were elected.
The following persons were honored for their achievements in the club’s competitive events:

  • Doyle Andrews- Mini Palma; Open- Benched class.
  • Booth Myers- Mini Palma; Open- Prone class.
  • Jonathan Pimm- Mini Palma; Iron Sight class.
  • Bill Stowers- 3×200 Rifle; Open class.
  • Jonathan Pimm- 3×200 Rifle; Iron sights class.
  • John Beer- Bullseye Pistol, 1-hand; Rimfire and Centerfire.
  • Jonathan Pimm- Bullseye Pistol, 2-hand; Rimfire.
  • Mark Possin- Bullseye Pistol, 2-hand; Centerfire.
  • Ray Marshall; High Power Rifle; Open class.
  • John Mason- High Power Rifle; Match Rifle.
  • Brad Trolson- High Power Rifle; Service Rifle.
  • Greg Brown- High Power Rifle; Rifleman of the year.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:37 PM.
Next club meeting- Monday, February 4, 2019, 7:00 PM. Round Table Pizza, Topsy Lane, Carson City, NV. Open to the public, no charge.Next board meeting- Tuesday February 5, 5:30 PM. Dickey’s Barbecue, 3250 Retail Drive, Carson City, NV. Open to club officers only.